Cookie Clicker

It may look a bit complex to play Cookie clicker unblocked but it is not indeed. Your main goal in this game is to produce as much cookies as you can. There are various upgrades and achievements that will help you produce more cookies to prove you are a successful manager.

How to play cookie clicker ? Game guide and tips

You can produce cookies by clicking on the cookie seen on the top right. As the number of produced cookies increase, it gives you ability of purchasing new upgrades that expands your production capacity. These upgrades include miner, factory, bank and several other functional and effective options. Upgrades are unlocked once you reach a specific cookie number. For example a bank is unlocked if you produce 1.2 millions of cookies. If you want to purchase more upgrades of same type, the price gradually increases.  You can also sell your upgrades to buy other upgrades.

If you want to better understand the game, you need to take some time to discover it thoroughly.

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