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Unblocked , stay alive and build your base defending your opponents. Battle for victory! Collect resources around you, build walls and create doors for protection. Collect eggs to kill food, kill animals, kill plant beds. Build assistants: guards, peasants, mercenaries. Watch out for the wolves and other players.

You can create your clan using the “Create Party Connection” button at the bottom of the page. After clicking, copy the link to the browser’s address bar and send it to your friends. Also, you can play unblocked at the school.
The more gold you have in hand, the higher your rank in the banner. Build towers to remove gold!

How to Play ?


Move: W, A, S, D or arrows
See: Mouse
Select building: 1-9 or click icon
Attack / Collect: Click
Return: Chat


A great chance to find a saddle pig!
You must build more towers to stay on top of the score table!
Invite your friends using the ‘‘Create party’’ link option at the bottom of the page to play together!
Are you going to attack the enemy? Don’t forget to leave the castle guards!
If you need too much food, prepare a bed as soon as possible!

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