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Loading... unblocked ! The main goal in all games is to prevail against other players win the game. However for new players, achieving this goal may not be very easy.   In order to have a successful gaming experience, you firstly need to learn how to play the game. You can take a brief lesson about game controls or learn it the hard way by making several practices. However the most efficient way is to learn game controls and tips before joining the battle.

How to play ? Game controls and tips

In order to move your player across the game arena, you need to move your mouse accordingly. The left mouse click lets you fire weapon or hit enemies. In order to pick weapons and other objects, you just walk over. The right mouse button enables you to run.  Scrolling the mouse wheel lets you switch between weapons while clicking drops the gun.  You can also control your player with keyboard. The Q key switches weapon,  The W key enables the player to run,  the F key drops the gun and the Space key shoots.

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